Human Design Chart Reading

Private 90-Minute Reading To Deep Dive Into Understanding Your Energetic Blueprint with Natalie Collins

What You Get In A Private Reading

A private reading is a very personal experience. Your Human Design Chart shows us the potential of who you came into this life to become.

This is what we will cover in your reading:

  • Your Type
  • You Specific Strategy
  • Your Inner Authority and how it works
  • Incarnation Cross

We'll also cover business aspects including:

  • How you're designed to shine (branding)
  • What grounds you
  • What keeps you healthy
  • Your genius zone
  • Your vocation + what you have the energy to do inside your work
  • What kind of business environment that's best for you to create
  • Your marketing message to the masses
  • Your prosperity key

You'll also receive a copy of your advanced chart and a copy of the recording.


What You'll See On The Inside

Meet Your Human Design Coach

Natalie Collins has been in her experiment of Human Design since 2016 and has been deeply studying the knowledge and learning how it works in this reality and business ever since. She is an Ego Projector with the Channel of Initiation. She's designed to take big abstract concepts and explain them in logical, practical ways. Human Design is one of the ways she embraces her design and delivers the logical explanations to those who are ready to apply it to their life.

Natalie Collins

Human Design Business Coach and Sound Therapist

Amanda Campbell


Working with Natalie has shifted my business and my personal life in so many ways!

I love that Natalie comes from a human design perspective, helping me align my business to my personal human design. The tips and strategies she gives are framed within my design, allowing me to integrate them easier and with less resistance. Natalie’s knowledge of key technology pieces has been so helpful! She’s helped me navigate Kartra, Acuity, Facebook lives, and Zoom with much more ease and speed than I have on my own. We’ve mapped out funnels and strategies, branding, business structures, ways of serving clients, and so much more.I love that she “gets” the energy work and spiritual nature of my business, integrating tools that align with my design and the "woo-woo" nature of my work.  

While I initially sought to work with Natalie from a business perspective, she’s also helped me immensely in my personal life as well. We dig deep into my personal human design and how to use it not only in my business, but also in relationships, health, wellness, and routines. She has a wealth of knowledge in personal development, time management, practices to improve my productivity, and more.  

Natalie has quickly become my “go-to” person for virtually anything in both my business and personal life, and I’m so grateful!


  • Human Design Chart Reading
  • $250 USD

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