Manifesting Generators In Business

Take the overwhelm out of business and learn how to be in the flow of life and alignment with your Human Design type.

Overwhelmed by how you as a Manifesting Generator are designed to run your business but not having a clear direction on how to build it in a practical way that won't burn you out?

Learning how to run and grow your business can be such a big and daunting task.

There are so many things to do!

Being a Manifesting Generator means your strategy in life is to Respond. Yet, what does it mean to actually respond and how does that translate to business? When Ra Uru Hu was given the information that is now Human Design, he was given the mechanics of how it works in the body, but not the practical application of how it all works in the real world. That's where the experiment comes in.

The experiment is all about figuring out what really works and what doesn't. How your Strategy and Inner Authority works in the world. How responding really works for you. How your Sacral feels when it lights up, and how it expresses itself in the world once it's turned on.

You're designed to be TURNED ON!

Problem is, most Manifesting Generators I know have had their Sacral Center's response shut down since early childhood. Some have never even felt it.

It's not your fault that the conditioning of the world around you hasn't shown you how to be turned on and that you've been trying to follow the success formulas only to have them fail because you didn't have the understanding that these formulas are not one size fits all.

Most people don't know how or even what feels like to be turned on in business.

And don't get me started on the so called "success formulas" that aren't a fit for everyone.

You need to know your Human Design for that.

Once I was initiated into learning Human Design, I immediately saw why these formulas didn't work for every and how things needed to change for all of the types in order to build a business that's right for them.

I've dedicated myself to solving this issue ever since.

This course takes my 6+ years of coaching Manifesting Generators successfully and distills it down into simple to use and easy to follow techniques that can be applied to any type of business you're building.

In this course you'll learn:

  • What it means to be a Manifesting Generator in business
  • How to use your strategy of responding and what it means to respond
  • How your Inner Authority works with business and business decisions
  • Practical steps to take to move you forward
  •  The easiest way to find what to build your business around
  •  How to avoid burnout
  •  How to take inspired ideas and turn them into action items
  •  How other Generators use their energy to build their businesses successfully

The course won't bore you with fluffy details you don't need. It's very straight and to the point, while giving you inspiration to work with and move you forward at the same time.

My hopes for you is to see you thrive in a business you love waking up to every day, having a business that brings you endless satisfaction, and how it enhances your life in every way possible.

With Much Love,
Natalie Collins

Course Curriculum

Your Instructor

Natalie Collins

Human Design Business Coach and Sound Therapist

Liz Fulcher

Aromatherapist, Generator

You inspire the shit out of me Natalie!! Every day working with you is like Christmas. You give me what I need to keep moving forward.

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