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What Is An Attunment

An Attunement is a sound therapy method use tuning forks (weighted and unweighted) to work with the body's natural electromagnetic field  both inside the body and in the aura surrounding the body.  The tuning forks helps the body to find the places of stuck energy from the past, reorganize them, and releases them for good.

Research shows that all physical, mental, and emotional disorders can be perceived as "dissonance" or "disharmony" in our electrical system. Attunements are able to use the tuning forks to find, diminish, and resolve this disharmony. When this happens, it can alleviate, and even eradicate the physical, mental and/or emotional symptoms it caused, addressing the issue at its core.

What To Expect In An Attunment

Since each body and life is unique, each experience of an Attunement can be different. Most people who receive a sessions report feeling lighter, clearer, calmer, relaxed, and more self-aware.

During a session, the client lays down in a comfortable spot while the practitioner works with the tuning forks in the aura to move and remove stuck energies found hanging around by slowly scanning the aura with the tuning forks starting from about six feet away from the body.

The client may feel the vibrations of the tuning fork in different areas of their body as it works with the sound frequencies to move, adjust, and reorganize the stuck energies. 

Meet The Attuner

When Natalie first met the practice of having tuning forks find places of static in the aura and shifting them into harmony, it felt like the most empowering sensation running through her body that she'd ever experienced. From the beginning, the tuning forks have spoken to her inside of the aura and on the body. Together they find places within the body that needs extra attention, shifting blocked energy into movement. This addresses the stuck energy at the core. She is humbled to have found the power of sound therapy through the tuning forks.

Natalie Collins

Human Design Business Coach and Sound Therapist


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